view on the holiday home in spring time

About the holiday home

The building was originally a farm shed that was already on the Ferraris map in the 18th century. Rebuilt in the first decade of this century, the vacant house was refurbished as a holiday home in 2021.

The holiday home is located on the northern edge of Sleidinge and connects to the network of the Meetjesland cycling nodes.


Ground floor


  The ground floor includes:
- A sitting area with leather seats and smart TV.
- A built-in kitchen with every comfort such as a large refrigerator, dishwasher, microwave, Nespresso machine, regular

  coffee maker, etc... .
- The dining area that can accommodate up to 12 people (one high chair available).
- A built-in wardrobe for storing coats and shoes.
- A bathroom with washing machine, sink, shower and toilet.


The large windows on the ground floor are oriented to the west with a view of the orchard / horse pasture.

Part of it will be planned as a playground in the future.


In front of the entrance of the holiday home there is a terrace with an adjacent willow hut. A green screen of bamboo, grasses and small fruit offers privacy. 

Right next to the house there is a parking space for 3 cars.

First floor

  The upper floor comprises:
- Two large bedrooms with double bed.
- One bedroom with 2 single beds.
- One bedroom with 4 single beds.
- All beds are box springs - two cots are also available.
- Bed linen is provided as standard.
- Two bathrooms with sink, shower and toilet.
- Night hall with sensor-controlled lighting.
- Each door has a different color shade.


On the north and south
side of the holiday home there are 2 large bedrooms with a double bed.


In the bedroom with the yellow
door there are 2 single beds with the possibility to add a baby bed.


The bedroom with the green door has 4 single beds. It can be fun for children to lie in one room..

The toilets and the washing machine are using rainwater. Solar panels provide power for all electrical appliances. This is how we want to limit our ecological footprint.


The young orchard is also a playground. Little by little we are adding new elements that allow children to have fun with simple means.

The site is fenced and lockable with a gate.

Step stones
Angling ducks
Three in a row